Kale with Anchovies and Garlic: Super Food Side Dish

We are big on dark green veggies here, and kale is one of our favorites.  Steamed kale alone can be a bit of a bore, but then we came upon this super simple recipe. For us busy folks, the best cooking is that which can be done with the least amount of time and skill. There are amazing cooks out there in our community, and we have tremendous respect for them. We, however, must make due with limited time and our less-than-Cordon-Bleu set of prep skills.

The entire prep/cook time on this is under 10 minutes. First, we put some olive oil in a pan on medium to low heat — it should get hot, but not smoking. Next, we slice and dice 2 cloves of garlic and add it to the oil. While this is happening, open a single can of flat anchovies and place 2 fillets in the pan. If you make the mistake that I first made, 2 cans of anchovies vs 2 small fillets, you are in for a very powerful dish.

Now place the 2 small anchovy fillets into the oil and wait for them to liquefy. While this is happening, take your green dinosaur kale and strip the leaves off the stems. Once you get a nice bunch, remembering it will shrink in the pan, have a look at your garlic/oil/anchovy mix. When the garlic is brown and the fish is about liquefied, place the kale into the pan and stir. It will turn a dark shade of green when it’s done, which takes about 4 minutes.

Then remove your kale from the pan, plate, and squeeze lemon onto it. This dish is nutrient dense, very low glycemic and super easy to clean up from. It goes well with a meal that needs a bit of zap. For us, we make it with plain grilled salmon and lightly dressed salad.


2 garlic cloves
1 tin of flat anchovies
olive oil
1 bunch dinosaur green kale
1 lemon




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